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"The best teaching tool I've ever seen!"

At Probotics America we've created some of the world's most talented and unique remote-controlled robots for use by zoos, schools, hospitals, fire departments, shopping malls, car dealerships, museums, police departments, science centers, trade shows, new store openings, health fairs and businesses world-wide.

Each robot is packed with features unmatched by other robotics companies at very competitive pricing. We have been designing and manufacturing robots for over 30 years, with proven quality, satisfaction and reliability

We offer a variety of different robots - from cute little toddler sized BabyBots to the impressive robot-looking Mechanical Men and STARs. See them all here -- Our Robots!

At Probotics America we provide modern technology built the old-fashioned way - one at a time!

Robots Make Your Message Memorable!

To Contact Us

Probotics America moved to Sacramento California in the last quarter of 2014. We retain all our old contact information and encourage you to contact us at the numbers and addresses listed below.

Our office and technical support phone number is 972/231-7744, and our fax number is 214/367-3879.

Email -

Warranty and Technical Support /Service and Repairs

Our products are carefully crafted to be state-of-the-art, durable and reliable. That's why we are confident enough to offer a complete one-year warranty, including both parts and labor - the best in the industry.

We also offer complimentary technical support for all of our products regardless of their age or purchase date. If you are having any problems with your robot, please let us know - many problems are easily resolved with just one call, exchange of emails or webconference. Please call us before you ship any products to our service center so we can give you an estimate of the kind of work, time frame and charges that will be involved.

In the past few years we have made extensive improvements to the mechanics and electronics in our robots - making them stronger, more reliable, faster and easier to use - and many of these changes are available as upgrades to older models.


Pricing for our robots, options and accessories are available online and in our catalogs. Contact us by phone, fax, mail, or email - we'd be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and preferences and create a free, no-obligation custom quote for your robot.

Since all of our robots are custom units built to your specific requirements, we require a deposit of 50% with the balance due on delivery. Government agencies may submit an order using their standard purchase order or with a quote signed by an appropriate authorized representative and a deposit is not necessary.

We'll Come to Your Facility

We know that "seeing is believing" and we want you to be able to see our robots 'live' - moving, talking with people, demonstrating their effectiveness for your programs. Let us arrange a no-obligation demonstration and presentation at your facility.

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At Probotics America our products speak for themselves!

Probotics America
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